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Business Process Management

Skimqueeze handles automation, execution, and optimization of business activities.


IT Consultancy

We are into computer consultancy, business and technology consulting, and IT advisory.


Educational Consultancy

We also help parents/students and organizations with educational planning within and outside the United States.

why choose Skimqueeze

  • We ensure customer satisfaction with competitive prices.
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Skims Errands Skims Study Skims Places Skims Reps

This is a simplified platform within our services, that allows anyone from anywhere of any origin to request the service of our online and simultaneous presence everywhere in the world to deliver mission critical errands in the USA.



This is a student consulting service geared towards the accessibility of Higher Education & Graduate studies worldwide. Our Unit helps with School admission and Students Arrival, Flight reservations and accomodation worldwide.

This is a step ahead of all chuffeur services. It enables the user to access bulk places at a very regulated & discounted amount within and outside the city. It was designed to meet the needs of tourists, new immigrants that are trying to settle down and individuals trying to access multiple places. Most international students who cannot afford to rent a Car or does not own a license yet but needs to do their daily routine embraces this option.

This platform is designed to accomodate every impossibility and near/almost every disappointment that exists in all business areas. This was designed because of our interest in existing, developing, and new businesses around the globe. We can present a Skims Rep in every meeting, business or conferences where a physical presence is required but difficult to achieve due to any reason or another. This service is cost-saving to any business owner who wants his/her presence felt in any distant event around the globe where it is almost impossible to be there as at when required.

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